Tesla Electric car needs too much power for Melbourne homes.

This article from news.com.au

THE world’s biggest-selling electric luxury car goes on sale in Australia on Wednesday December 10 but the $100,000 Tesla sedan may have its plug pulled because its special charger is too big for most local electricity grids.
Unlike other electric cars, the Tesla cannot be recharged via a normal power point and requires a special charger to be installed at home or work at a cost of up to $10,000 — and may also need to have the local electricity substation upgraded at a cost of more than $50,000, according to experts.


What will this mean for people driving Tesla’s in Australia. 240 tech electrical Has been doing domestic power upgrades long before Teslamotors were on the market.

The job can be broken up in to a few components.

  1. Switchboard upgrade. (we can usually use the existing board and upgrade only the main switch) only
  2. Mains cable upgrade.
  3. Point of attachment upgrade.
  4. Power Distribution company connection upgrade

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